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Taste Your Future

The Ontario Food and Beverage Processing Industry's Talent Attraction & Workforce Development Program

In January 2015, Food and Beverage Ontario embarked on a province-wide talent attraction and workforce development program to raise awareness of the Ontario food and beverage sector as an employment destination with youth and new Canadians. This program, which has been funded in part by Growing Forward 2 and CAP - federal-provincial-territorial initiatives -  ended on February 28, 2019.

The program was a resounding industry success engaging with Ontario colleges and universities delivering on food industry curriculum, Ontario School Counsellors’ Association, industry leaders, HR professionals, employment agencies and workforce planning groups. Check out this video to learn more.

Together with partners in academia and the employment, youth and education non-profit sectors, FBO launched The program also led many activities sharing information on the industry with schools, at conferences and various events.

The program began with comprehensive research to help better understand the perceptions and attitudes of Ontarians towards the food and beverage processing industry as a place for careers. This benchmark research directly supported the strategy and key messages for the campaign including stories for media engagement.

FBO would like to thank the generous support and commitment of Taste Your Future's Advisory Council for their enthusiasm and engagement in this initiative.