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Taste Your Future

The Talent Attraction & Workforce Development Program for Ontario’s Food and Beverage Processing Industry

Taste Your Future is a province-wide talent attraction and workforce development program delivered by Food and Beverage Ontario. 

Engaging with students, new grads, and others considering a new and rewarding career, Taste Your Future raises awareness of the Ontario food and beverage sector as an employment destination. 

Taste Your Future has been built upon comprehensive research on the perceptions and attitudes of Ontarians towards the food and beverage processing industry as a place for careers. The program has been a resounding success, engaging with Ontario colleges and universities, industry leaders, HR professionals, and the employment, youth and education non-profit sectors.

If you’re a student or new grad starting your career, or simply considering a new and rewarding career, visit Taste Your Future to access resources, career mentorship, free basic skills training, job placement opportunities, career fairs, and more.

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