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Frontline Food Facts

The Frontline Production Workforce Development Program for Ontario’s Food and Beverage Processing Industry

Frontline Food Facts is a project delivered by Food and Beverage Ontario that helps people find rewarding frontline jobs at food and beverage processing companies across the province.

Frontline food workers are the people who make our food, working on the production line handling, processing and packaging food and beverages. There are almost 125,000 individuals employed in the processing sector and the majority are frontline workers.

Frontline food jobs offer competitive compensation plus job security, especially compared to other manufacturing jobs. This is because we will always need to produce food to feed people.

It's also fulfilling work because frontline food workers are essential to feeding the province and the world.
In addition to connecting job seekers with employers, Frontline Food Facts celebrates frontline food heroes and raises awareness of the industry.

If you want to learn about frontline food workers or find a production job in the food and beverage processing industry, visit Frontline Food Facts to access job opportunities, free basic skills training, job fairs, job placement opportunities, and more. 

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