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Ontario Co-packer Portal

Looking for a co-packer for a new or existing product and don't know where to start?

Answer the six easy drop down questions below, and we'll provide you a list of best matches from our extensive database of co-packers in Ontario. Please be sure to fill in all drop downs in order to see all applicable co-packers for your product! Results are dependent on the criteria entered.

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What our Members are saying...

" The FBO portal is simply amazing , as are the staff who back it up. It's a critical gateway that allows  access to the world  that is The  food and beverage producers of  Ontario. We are proud to be FBO members."

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu
Founder & CEO

"Prior to joining FBO, I had no idea how to expand my co-packing business. After speaking with Jason Crawford and his efforts to hi-light our company on their Food and Beverage Ontario website, it not only opened our company up to a vast new pool of Potential clients - their platform also gave us great visibility which has brought new business to us rather than our having to seek them out."

Rick Sontag

President, FDI Co-pack

Proudly Sponsored By...

Kingsway is a privately owned Canadian Company.  It was established in 1949 as a chocolate flavouring supplier to the Dairy Industry (originally called Kingsway Chocolate Company Limited).  Entering the 1970’s and 1980’s, production expanded and modernized to create a wide variety of blended flavourings and stabilizers. 

Today we make dips and dressings for retail and food service customers.  We also supply ice cream flavourings to ice cream manufacturers.  We value our customers and employees on the highest of levels.  We pride ourselves in our commitment to Quality, Service, Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Employee Retention.


To learn more about how Kingsway Food can help with your co-packing needs, visit us at

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