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Food and Beverage Ontario leads, coordinates and provides input on a number of programs, resources and tools available to the sector.

In the fall of 2012, FBO completed an Economic Impact Analysis of the Food and Beverage Processing Sector. This report clearly identifies the Ontario food and beverage processing sector as a major economic contributor in the Province of Ontario. The report has been valuable in communicating the importance of the sector to government, industry and academic stakeholders.

With support from Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial agreement FBO successfully delivered the Managing for Success program. This program was designed to improve awareness, attitude and skills specific to best management practices. Activities included on-site business assessments, business management tools and educational opportunities such as executive training series, webinars and workshops. A number of resources from this program continue to be made available to Ontario businesses.

FBO is pleased to be a member of the recently formed Provision Coalition. Provision is a coalition of 11 member associations representing the interests of Canadian food and beverage manufacturers and input supply sectors regarding the economic, environmental and social benefits that accompany operating in a sustainable manner.


Energy Tips 101

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Saving 10% of your energy cost for processing is possible. Sometimes you just need a little perspective. Take a quick look around your facility when you are not processing (weekends, overnights or holiday shutdowns). Are there lights on? Air compressors still running? Fans left on? Heat turned down? These are the easiest items to address and often the ones that go left unseen during breaks and shift changes as well. These changes typically save 10% or more in facilities just by modifying non production procedures.