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Crofter's Foods Ltd

Based in Parry Sound, Ontario, Crofters Food Ltd is the leading producer of organic fruit spreads and jams in North America. Specializing in lower sugar, better for you formulations, Crofters is continually focused on providing high quality and sustainably produced spreads.


In addition to jams and spreads, Crofters also specializes in a variety of fruit preparations such as yogurt bases, bakery fillings, and even ice cream and confectionary fillings/flavors, all with the same focus on quality and nutrition. Customization available!


For more information, please contact us at:

Tel: (705)-746-6301




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Crofter's Organic

Organic fruit spreads, jams, and fruit preparations. Contact Dan at (705) 746-6301 for more details!

Stemmlers Meats

For more information contact CEO Kevin Stemmler at 1-519-699-4590 or at


For more information, contact Jessy Revive at (905) 761-5001